At Southern Tier Acquisitions, we offer comprehensive land development services. Our professional, experienced, and highly talented team works to assess your needs and develop and implement the plan that works best for you. Our services include:

Lease Acquisition

Right of Way Acquisition

Easement Acquisition

Title Services

GIS Mapping Services

Cell Tower Site Acquisition

As wireless carriers continue to expand their network and prepare for the launch of 5G networks, they will need to find and develop additional locations to build new towers.

Southern Tier acquires sites for cellular and wireless towers. Our staff specializes in all aspects of cell tower site acquisitions, including purchasing the site via the long-term lease, zoning ordinances, the feasibility of construction, and other administrative functions. Our staff is well-versed in the process of obtaining cell tower sites. We understand the legal, real estate, construction, and leasing issues that guide a successful site acquisition.

Long-term leases are beneficial for both the network carriers and the landowners, resulting in a long-lasting relationship that generates dividends for both parties for many years.

Our staff will identify the site, provide a zoning analysis and obtain the necessary ordinances, perform a feasibility study, evaluate the overall feasibility of the site construction, negotiate and execute the lease, and perform necessary administrative tasks. Call Southern Tier Acquisitions to learn more.

Project Management

Our highly educated and accountable team of professionals at Southern Tier Acquisitions prides itself on communication and extreme attention to detail, thus providing our clients with the utmost confidence that their project is properly being managed properly in a time-sensitive manner while remaining within budget.

Lease Acquisition

Southern Tier provides oil and gas companies with experienced contractors who negotiate and acquire leases for oil and gas rights at different properties around the United States?

During the past decade, property and landowners have become more educated on the benefits of leasing their gas and oil rights, and are often interested in talking to energy companies about leasing their land, creating new opportunities for energy companies.

4 years, Southern Tier’s knowledgeable leasing professional have helped oil and gas company clients obtain favorable lease rights from property owners and managers. We have negotiated leases with home owners, land owners, and industrial and commercial real estate managers.

Lease Acquisition Professionals for Oil and Gas Companies

Southern Tier Acquisitions conducts all leasing matters in an open and transparent manner. Our contractors perform all of the preliminary work, including necessary initial research, reviewing public documents, and title checks.

As a successful land development company, we believe that acquiring the lease and securing assets for our clients is just the first step in what we hope will be a years-long relationship between our client and the lessors.

Our specialization in oil and gas leasing acquisition includes:

  • Residential Leasing
  • Commercial Leasing
  • HOA Leasing
  • Development Leases
  • Mineral Purchase
  • Lease language legal review

Call Southern Tier Acquisitions today to learn more about our lease acquisition services.

Title Services

Southern Tier Acquisitions works with oil and gas company clients to provide professionals who will research and determine who has a legal claim to oil and gas mineral rights.

Timely, Accurate Land Title Services

When seeking land title services for oil and gas mineral rights, absolute accuracy is a must so that a payment of the lease is made to the proper party.

Our staff is familiar with a process that includes a title search and due diligence review. The review is a complex process that may involve geologists, engineers, attorneys, land owners, environmental experts, and financial experts. The data that is collected during this part of the title services process will also be an important factor in the value of an eventual lease.

Southern Tier Acquisitions also partners with oil and gas attorneys to continue the process to certify the title, and manages a timely process for title discrepancies such as lien issues or improper title transfers.

Our firm delivers comprehensive, prompt title services to oil and gas clients around the country. Call us to learn more about our experience in the oil and gas industry.


Our specialized team of professionals ease the burden of tracking down missing heirs, beneficiaries, trustees, and legatees on behalf of our clients. We prepare and provide the needed legal documentation required to investigate and locate the missing individuals, alive or deceased.

GIS Mapping

We use the latest GIS technology to provide our clients and customers with visual insight into their project status. From leasehold to midstream route development, we leverage all the relevant project data possible in order to allow real-time visual concepts and decision making.

Right-of-Way Acquisition

With most pipeline and electric transmission projects crossing over many miles of land, it’s crucial you choose the right company to trust with your acquisitions and post-construction administration. Southern Tier Acquisitions staff has decades of experience acquiring temporary and permanent easements, allowing companies to install, test, operate, repair, and maintain their pipelines.

Our staff works diligently to build the relationships necessary to ensure that every phase of your Easement project goes as friendly as possible.

Additionally, we offer GIS route development services for both the pre-acquisition and post-construction phases of your project.

Telecommunications Services

Telecommunications, specifically cellular service, has become a vital resource for every industry, making cellular sites valuable acquisitions. Southern Tier Acquisitions provides our clients with a Cell Site Feasibility Study, Cell Site Zoning Packages and Cell Site Acquisition. Specifically, we:

  • Conduct site acquisition, including site identification, based upon factors such as topography, zoning assessment/analysis, and landowner willingness to negotiate.
  • Negotiate the leasing and/or purchasing of the site within client parameters.
  • Handle all permitting and zoning issues that may arise through our staff attorney.
  • Obtain all necessary utility and/or access easements as required by client.