A multifaceted land development company made up of contractors who possess a requisite amount of knowledge, experience, education, professionalism and accountability, which allows us to perform beyond the expected levels of our clients


We provide land development services across the East Coast.


Cell Tower Site Acquisition

As wireless carriers continue to expand their network and prepare for the launch of 5G networks, they will need to find and develop additional locations to build new towers.

Project Management

Our highly educated and accountable team of professionals at Southern Tier Acquisitions prides itself on communication and extreme attention to detail.

Lease Acquisition

Southern Tier provides oil and gas companies with experienced contractors who negotiate and acquire leases for oil and gas rights at different properties.

Title Services

Southern Tier Acquisitions works with oil and gas company clients to provide professionals who will research and determine who has a legal claim to oil and gas mineral rights.


Our specialized team of professionals ease the burden of tracking down missing heirs, beneficiaries, trustees, and legatees on behalf of our clients.

GIS Mapping

Southern Tier Acquisitions is keenly aware of the economic, strategic and financial value of GIS mapping in the oil, gas and telecommunications industries.

Right-of-Way Acquisition

For right-of-way-negotiations and acquisitions, Southern Tier Acquisitions works diligently to forge the appropriate relationships with landowners, government agencies and communities.

Telecommunications Services

Telecommunications, specifically cellular service, has become a vital resource for every industry, making cellular sites valuable acquisitions.